Willie Nelson 90

Creative director and producer of Willie Nelson's 90th
Birthday concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

Branding & Production

The Willie Nelson 90 project was the culmination of 20+ years of experience as a creative director and video producer. I created the full brand experience including the design direction for all marketing, experiential assets, stage/lighting design, and merchandise. In addition to the brand development, I produced the video production for the show, which was cut into a three-hour full-length film just three weeks after the concert event. The film was distributed to movie theaters across the US and multiple countries.

Video Production

I had just three weeks to assemble a top-notch production team of about 75 professionals to produce and capture the two-day event. The production consisted of a production truck (TNDV), fifteen cameras (Sony HDC-4300), including a railcam, multiple jibs, and a drone. We had just one day for load-in and one day for a partial rehearsal. The film was directed by Gregg Gelfand.

Post Production

We began post-production just one day after the event. The two-day event was cut down to a three-hour film featuring 35 edited and mixed performances. The final film was mixed in 5.1 and presented in 4k with distribution across the US, New Zealand, South Africa, England, Canada, and Germany.

Hollywood Bowl
Image Mapping

Part of the stage design was the image mapping of the rim of the Hollywood Bowl. I lead the creative development of the video content in conjunction with light design for the two-day event.

Creative Direction


In a span of just three months, I created the Willie Nelson 90 brand, led the marketing direction, developed the experiential assets, and oversaw the design and manufacturing of all merchandise.

The design direction was well received by artists, fans, and Willie himself. The results were staggering, the show sold out while in pre-sale and the merchandise sales were the second highest in the Hollywood Bowl’s 100+ year history.


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