John Lennon
AMC Special

An all-star music special recorded live at The Theatre at Madison Square Garden.

Producer & Creative Director

In 2015, myself and the team at Blackbird Presents partnered with Yoko Ono and AMC Network to develop a music special for what would have been John’s 75th birthday. The show occurred at the famed Madison Square Garden Theater on December 5th and aired on the AMC Network two weeks later. I oversaw the creative direction for all marketing, stage & interview design, broadcast graphics, and merchandise. In addition, I produced the interview and BTS segments that ran throughout the program.

Creative Direction

I partnered with my long-time friend and designer, Garrett Morlan, to develop all of the creative assets for the show. I contracted a broadcast animator to bring the design aspects to life for the broadcast. Given this was produced as a holiday special, we utilized gold tones and sparkling lights to bring John’s face to life.

Stage & Interview Design

We utilized gold lighting tones on the stage and in the interviews following the look we developed for the marketing and broadcast graphics. The final look was a warm intimate feel that was felt throughout the program.

Merchandise & Media

Following the live event and the AMC broadcast, we would go on to create a CD, DVD, and LP of the program. Subsiquent broadcasts included AXSTV, Quello and an international release. Our merchandise mix included t-shirts. hoodies, hats, pint glasses, jewelry, and more.

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