Blackbird Presents Music & Television

Blackbird Presents is a worldwide leader in the creation, financing, and production of music-driven programming. Through large-scale concert events, broadcast specials, TV series, music festivals, and tours, our team of creative executives bring a new perspective to the development and presentation of music-driven programming that transcends genres, cultures, and generations.

CMO/Creative Director / TV Producer

Blackbird Presents

I have been with Blackbird Presents since it’s inception in 2012, throughout which time I have led the creation and execution of highly successful entertainment brands centered around multi-artist concert events, festivals, tours, broadcast series & specials, and music/film releases. I manage the complete brand lifecycle from initial concept through the development of live performances, sponsorship programs, broadcast premieres, merchandise, packaging, record releases, and distribution.

Beyond my work, as CMO/Creative Director I am the lead Producer overseeing the production of broadcast series and specials for worldwide distribution across multiple broadcast networks including AMC, CMT, AXS, & PBS.

In addition, I oversee the digital product strategy, design, and development of Blackbird Presents’ website, apps, e-commerce/fulfillment, social networks, and all digital marketing. I also designed and launched Blackbird Presents’ successful flagship retail boutique and fulfillment center while managing the design, development, and fulfillment of branded merchandise.

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